About Claudia

Arkisan London is a London based brand established in 2018 by a young artist, Claudia Pang.

“So make yourself an ark of cypress wood....”. (Genesis 6:14)

The Hebrew of cypress means uncertain. Ark was the ship that builds by Noah which inspired the name and her life goal.



Born in Hong Kong, Claudia moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 17. She graduated in Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design from Central Saint Martins, where she later progressed to the Bachelor of Arts in Costume for Performance at London College of Fashion. Alongside her studies, she worked as an internship for designers in the fashion industry. In her final year project, she discovered her interested in using the art form to interact with other people. She created an interactive transformable costume as a pop-up performance. Rather than carry on as a designer, Claudia decided to be an artist and teaching arts to the community. 


Recently, she is studying at the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education for Art Therapy. She believes that Art is a healing media. “Creative energy manifests in the 'aura' of the environment - the distinct atmosphere, quality and 'air of the place.' It has a contagious effect on people.”Shaun McNiff. 


“My work is an expression of here, and now, every single movement tells my mood, sometimes I don’t think or plan about what to draw, I simply put on some music and just let it out.” Claudia records scenes of her emotions, dreams and memories in her paintings. Through her work, she captures the colour and texture abstractly. She paints with mostly alcohol ink, acrylic and free motion sewing. 


Claudia joined the Wimbledon Art Studios in late 2018. She is like Noah, travelling all the way from her home to London, with a trust to build this ark. Arkisan London is ready to share the journey through her art with you.